A biotechnology company specialized in virology diagnostics

A biotechnology company specialized in virology diagnostics

AdvancedDx Biological Laboratories (ABLDx) is a virologic diagnostic solutions company focused on commercializing solutions that will advance public health in the Americas. ABLDx will be initially focused on fighting the COVID-19 global pandemic by bringing tests to local communities in the U.S. With a philosophy that “to measure is to know,” ABLDx recognizes that testing lies at the critical intersection of patient care, the collection of sufficient data to inform vaccine development, and the need to create public health and safety measures.

Improving Disease Management

Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL), S.A., the parent company of ABLDx, with headquarters in Luxembourg, has a 10-year track record in virology and infectious disease testing. ABL’s products offer to infectious disease clinicians, virology and microbiology laboratories optimal and efficient solutions (assays and software systems related to HIV, Tuberculosis, HCV, HBV, HPV, CMV, HPV, Flu, and 16s RNA) for sequencing (DeepChek®) clinical genotyping, viral load (UltraGene™) and drug resistance analysis, as well as, powerful fully-integrated databases and analysis systems that combine standard and high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing data.

Improving Disease Management
Chalom Sayada, MD, Ph.D. Chalom Sayada, MD, Ph.D.
Founder and Chairman

As founder and chairman, Dr. Chalom Sayada brings to 25 years of leadership experience in diagnostic product development and proven success in commercial launch and lifecycle management.
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Dr. Sayada began his career at Paris Robert Debre Medical School as a molecular biologist in microbiology and human genetics researcher. Dr. Sayada was granted several international peer reviewed articles, and received several research grants in France and Europe, in the area of Chlamydia genotyping and Virology drug resistance managements.

In the early-1990’s Dr. Sayada moved into the Diagnostic industry at Roche Diagnostics in France, where his contributions led to accelerated commercialization of the first infectious disease molecular diagnostics suite of Products, Amplicor from Roche Molecular, in France, and in Europe indicated for monitoring of adults and children with HIV-1, HepC, Chlamydia and Tuberculosis infection, and diagnosis of HIV & HCV RNA in blood banks in France.

Over the years, Dr. Sayada has formed and led several new biotechnology companies, in Molecular diagnostics and in Therapeutics Development, in Europe and in the US, to develop innovative diagnostics, antivirals and antibiotics products, leading to several successful registrations and commercializations.

Since 2006, Dr. Sayada has been leading ABL SA to build a fully integrated Diagnostic company, from R&D, to manufacturing, regulatory, marketing and commercial, with the focus to develop proprietary innovative molecular diagnostics and IT medical software and solutions, in Infectious diseases.

Dr. Sayada serves as an Independent Director for GenosciencPharma SA (France) and Qode Healthcare Solutions (South Africa).

He holds a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Chatenay Malabry in south of Paris, and a MD from Paris Robert Debre Hospital University where he trained as a microbiology molecular biologist.
Ronan Boulme Ronan Boulme
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

As vice president, regulatory affairs, Ronan Boulmé leads all aspects of US regulatory strategy development and implementation. He communicates directly with the United States Food and Drug Administration on all regulatory matters and is responsible for the company’s regulatory filings on product quality and reliability.
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Ronan’s more than 25 years of experience includes a focus on clinical trials, health data management and data analysis. He joined ABL-USA’s parent company, ABL-SA, 20 years ago, working on both the corporate and technical levels. Since 2019 he has served as ABL-SA Director of Governance, Compliance and Risks (GRC), including the oversight of applications and filings with EU regulatory agencies. In this context, he is responsible for the registration of medical devices and software as a Medical Device (SaMD).

He earned a 2-year technical degree in Statistics from UBS University. He was trained in computer programming, data processing and applied statistics to medicine (Paris University). He made a 1-year University degree in Data Protection (Paris University) and parallel training to specialize in health personal data protection. With rich experience in the medical arena, Mr. Boulmé has published 12 peer-reviewed articles as a co-author.
Dimitri Gonzalez Dimitri Gonzalez
Vice President, Diagnostics Solutions

As vice president, diagnostic solutions, Dimitri Gonzalez brings 20 years of experience in diagnostic and bioinformatics with a focus on the development and commercialization of solutions (software and molecular biology assays) intended to be used by microbiology labs.
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Mr. Gonzalez began his career at ABL-SA in early in 2001 as a bioinformatician and project manager in charge of the development and deployment of software applications used for the management of patient or genomic data by labs and hospitals.

He developed web applications for genotyping through sequencing of viral pathogens (HIV, viral hepatitis B/C, etc.) including proprietary bioinformatics pipelines and clinical interpretation modules.

In 2010, Mr. Gonzalez moved into the business and technical development of a line of proprietary molecular biology products intended to be used for genotyping and personalized medicine in the field of infectious diseases. He supervised the R&D teams and their activities (bioinformaticians, lab researchers, technicians, QC managers, web-developers, etc.), developed the commercialization of the diagnostics line of products on five continents and established a network of sales based on more than 25 local distributors and 150 direct customers in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

In charge of the Diagnostics business unit of the global ABL-SA group, he now brings expertise in molecular diagnostic and bioinformatics, as well as proven success in commercial product launch and lifecycle management to coordinate marketing, sales and business development (both B2B and B2C) of molecular biology software and assays/instruments used for diagnostics.

He holds a master of science bachelor’s degree in biotechnologies from the ESIL/Luminy engineering school (France).

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